One of the earliest B&O paint schemes, the Sunburst, is a rare sight. This unit was partially restored in Parkersburg, WV. with paint reapplied to the nose and cab. The door was later replaced, but not repainted. The numbers, though CSX, have been painted in the old B&O style. All the GP30M's are now retired and the GP30's have been converted to road slugs.


Here is a trio from the past. This picture could have been from 1985, just after the creation of CSX, but is in fact from 1994! The lead unit is a GP30 with early CSX paint and C&O lettering, the second is an original B&O GP38, and the last is a Chessie B&O GP40. The units are assisting a coal train through Hagan's Switchback on the old L&N.


Here the trio pushes hard near a farm on the old L&N CV Main. Soon the train will be leaving the L&N for the Clinchfield after sharing some track with Norfolk Southern.

Gulfport, MS

Another old timer a long way from home. B&O 6546 (CSX numbering) is on the local at Gulfport, MS on the old L&N.

End of an Era

During the Chessie Era, the three partners C&O, B&O, and WM, adopted the colorful blue, yellow and orange Chessie System livery with the Chessie Cat logo. All units, like B&O 4447, retained their original identity until the creation of CSX Transportation.

The Last B&O

This unit 4447 was the last 4-axle locomotive delivered to the B&O and was to retain it's original paint and number (even it's black number boards). However CSX no longer cares about tradition and has since repainted and renumbered it.

The Inside

Here is a view from the engineers seat. Take one last ride with the B&O.


Here is a close up of the Dedication.

Wagon Top Caboose

The end of the train was once marked by the passing of a blue or red caboose on the old B&O. This caboose, a design unique to the B&O, has it's final resting place in Grafton, WV. across from the impressive B&O train station.

Blue Caboose

This B&O blue caboose with its faded Capitol logo waits for the next local to leave Elk Yard in Charleston, WV in May of 1992.

The End

This is the last caboose built for the B&O during the Chessie Era. By the markings on the side, this caboose is soon to be on its way to the B&O museum in Baltimore, MD. That is if CSX can manage to keep its word. As the end of the caboose has come, so has the end for the once proud B&O.