One of the early C&O diesel paint schemes with the C&O for Progress logo. This unit, a GP7 or GP9 is located at the Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, VA. Units made in Canada were similarly painted but the logo was a simple blue C&O in a yellow circle.


Here is a trio from the past. This picture could have been from 1985, just after the creation of CSX, but is in fact from 1994! The lead unit is a GP-30 with early CSX paint and C&O lettering, the second is an original B&OGP-38, and the last is a Chessie B&O GP-40. The units are assisting a coal train through Hagan's Switchback on the old L&N.


A more modern and simplified paint scheme is on display for only a few more days as this unit, a GP38, waits in the scrap line at Huntington, WV in May 1992. An identical scheme was used on the B&O, which the C&O controled, prior to the Chessie scheme.

The Last

This is one of if not the last locomotive in C&O paint. Working the yard at Cumberland, MD this early SD40 without "dash 2" electricals was renumbered in the 4600's. This unit is more than likely retired now.


During the Chessie Era, the three partners C&O, B&O, and WM, adopted the colorful blue, yellow and orange Chessie System livery with the Chessie Cat logo. All units retained their original identity until the creation of CSX Transportation. CSX renumbered most units and painted over the road letters. This unit was wrecked on the engineer's side and is awaiting repair at the shops in Huntington, WV.

Wood Caboose

The end of the train was once marked by the passing of a blue or red caboose on the C&O. This wood caboose was on display in St. Albans, WV but has since been moved to parts unknown.

Bay Window Caboose

This bay window caboose, which seems to have an identity crisis, is waiting in the storage line in the old L&N Decoursey yard near Covington, KY. While the yard has been retired and all operations moved north to B&O's Queensgate yard in Cincinnati, the fate of the caboose is unknown.