Chessie System

This GP7 or GP9 on display at the B&O Museum in Baltimore, MD wears the Chessie System scheme which united the three combined roads C&O, B&O, and WM. The short hood of this unit does not wear the Chessie Cat logo which indicates this is the rear and is consistent with early B&O operation. Units transfered from the C&O wore the logo on the short hood.


Even after the adoption of the Chessie System paint scheme all locomotives and cars continued to wear their original road names. There was never any road lettering assigned to the Chessie System. This unit, wrecked on the engineer's side and awaiting repairs in Huntington, WV, still wears its original road name but with CSX numbers.


WM units were rare to begin with and not often photographed by Chessie System. This SD40-2, far from home on its way from New Orleans, was still in Chessie paint as it passed through Biloxi, MS. Note the original lettering peeking through the Chessie logo. All SD40's are now in the new CSX "Bright Future" scheme.


This rebuilt SD20 with modern cab is one of only a few left in service in 1994. Serving out the last days of its life in Queensgate Yard in Cincinatti, OH. While the B&O no longer remains, this B&O yard has continued to grow in importance as CSX consolidates the L&N and C&O switching here.


This former Chessie SD35, now relettered for its new owner Torco, waits for its next assignment pulling other retired units to the scrap heap in Cincinatti, OH. Who knows how long this unit will avoid the same fate?

The End

This is the last caboose built for the B&O during the Chessie Era. By the markings on the side, this caboose is soon to be on its way to the B&O museum in Baltimore, MD. That is if CSX can manage to keep its word. As the end of the caboose has come, so has the end for the once proud B&O.