Train Wrecks

The following photos were found in and the photographer is unknown. I haven't seen these anywhere else so I will include them here. If these photos are copyright let me know and I will remove them promptly.

Knock Down

Not far from the site of the Amtrack wreck that killed 11, an eastbound Contrail train struck a southbound Union Pacific train in Momence, IL.


The CR train hit the side of the UP train at a
diamond. Who had the right-of-way is unknown.

Lying Down

Three people, the trains’ two engineers and one conductor, sustained minor injuries.


Four UP and four CR cars derailed in addition to the severe damage to the engines.

Pick Up

The UP train was carrying auto parts from Chicago to Mexico and the CR train carried mixed freight from Kankakee to Elkhart, IN.

Carry Off

Firefighters used sand and other equipment to contain diesel fuel spilling from the derailment. This could have been a lot worse.