North & South

This RF&P unit just days away from being absorbed by CSX still wears its letters in POT Yard which is also soon to be closed. The RF&P was a North South road in the strictest sense. Road engines were not turned at each end, instead many units had dual controls and two sets of horns, while even numbered units faced North and odd faced South!


This RF&P switcher sits outside the roundhouse in Russel, KY on the old C&O with some other members of its new family. An old GP16 in Family Lines and a GP30M in the early CSX scheme


This RF&P GP40 has lost its name and has been renumbered into CSX while passing through Clifton Forge, VA on the old C&O.

New Home

Working the John Amos power plant outside St. Albans, WV this nameless RF&P unit is returning with empties destined for the coal fields of southern West Virgina. This unit without dynamic brakes must find its new life challenging.