The Seaboard System was created from the roads that made up the Family Lines. After repainting most cars and locomotives eventually lost their identity and the official lettering SBD took their place. This old GE U18B, about to be retired, works the mines outside of Loyall, KY in 1994.


This SDP35 waiting in the scrap line at Corbin, KY has the extended car body for carrying steam boilers used in passenger service, though none were ever installed nor was this unit ever used in such service.


This SD45-2 with "dash 2" electricals and without the distinctive flared radiator of the earlier SD45's was possibly the last SD45-2 in use on CSX. All have been sold and are now in lease service.


This GP38-2 far from home in St. Albans, WV must be finding mountain work difficult without dynamic brakes (the bulge at the top in the middle of the long hood on GM locomotives). On the down hill run the diesel engines are cut back and the electric motors on the axles start generating power which is run through coils in the dynamic brakes. The coils provide resistance to the motors and slow the train.