Let it snow

A CSX coal train wrecks on the old Nicholas, Fayette, and Greenbriar near Meadow Bridge, WV in January 1996 in 3 feet of snow!

Snow plow

About a dozen loaded coal cars emptied on the old NF&G. The coal is completely covered by a foot of fresh snow on top of two more!


The coal train demolished this house from the inside out. 100 tons of coal crashed through the side, filling the house and knocking it off its foundation. No one was inside at the time!

Just resting

Cars were lying all over the place with the snow covering the mess underneath.

No parking

Cars were all over this man's back yard destroying property and knocking down trees.

Quite a mess

This area is very inaccessible and clean up was quite difficult.

Dig out

Bulldozers were brought in to clear the snow and coal off the track so the cars could be pulled out.

Tip over

With coal packed against the hill dragging these cars out will be quite a challenge.

Bunch up

Not much left to salvage here with the cars all crumpled up.


Hard to find the tracks with all the mess.


Barely even enough room to walk let alone get a bulldozer in.


I'm not sure what these engines are here to do.


Possibly to pull the cars out?