The New

The Sunday morning Amtrak precedes the arrival of steam to the Coal River valley.

The Old

At last Milwaukee Road 261 arrives at St. Albans.


The last steam powered New River Train, pulled by Milwaukee Road 261, crosses the Coal River into St. Albans, WV in 1990.

London Locks

The bridge over the tracks at London Locks on the Kanawha River was a favorite spot to see steam at full throttle.

Cotton Hill

261 passes a popular photo spot along the New River at Cotton Hill station.

Local Excursion

Our setup for 261 at Stretchers Neck Tunnel is interrupted by a side excursion for local CSX employees and families.

Stretchers Neck Tunnel

261 explodes from the curved tunnel near Prince, WV.


261 approaches the junction for the Beckley branch line as it leaves the tunnel.

Meadow Creek

After disconnecting from the train, 261 backs down the whye at Meadow Creek to be refueled.


261 is refueled at Meadow Creek before backing into Hinton.