On a cold foggy morning NKP 765, decorated as C&O 2765, crosses the Coal River into St. Albans in 1989.


2765 picks up passengers after arriving in St. Albans, WV.

London Locks

Once again 2765 (765) lets the cinders fly in the straight stretch at London Locks. What a sight.

New River

Approaching Cotton Hill along the New River 2765 is slipping on wet track.

Cotton Hill

2765 is pulling hard and slipping past Cotton Hill. Not even during the peak of the passenger era did a Berkshire pull so many cars.


On another day, with dry track, 2765 lets loose a beautiful plume of steam and smoke.

Coal Town

2765 enters the abandoned coal town of Thurmond, now part of the National Park. The engine house is now gone and soon the water tower and other structures owned by CSX will be too.

Water Tower

2765 passes by the water tower in Thurmond, soon to be destroyed.


2765 is slowing to stop just past the station at Thurmond, soon to be restored and repainted yellow. Now only the station, the buildings, and the coaling tower remain.


After the run by at Thurmond 2765 departs on its way to Stretchers Neck Tunnel.

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