Train wrecks are always interesting to photograph. Whenever I hear of one in the area I always travel to see it. Fortunately I've never seen anyone hurt in one. People always make a big deal about train safety. When one person is hurt it makes national news. At least 14 people were killed recently in an Amtrak wreck. It was on the news all day long. Reporters pretending to be objective, interviewing morons on the street saying how dangerous trains are and how they'll never ride on one again. More people were killed today on their way to work than will die all year riding on a train. More people are killed crossing the street in one day than are killed in a year by trains.

And look at the alternative. Would you rather have a hundred more trucks on the road for every one chemical tank car that passes by? The majority of all train accidents are caused by people. People in cars and trucks who disregard the safety precautions, ignore the signs and flashing lights, and drive around the crossing gates. 14 people died today because a truck driver with a suspended license ignored the flashing lights because he thought he could make it before the train. He was wrong. And the reporter on CNN said its a good thing the train had a black box on board so we can find out the cause of the accident. The train hit a truck you idiot! Sorry for getting up on the soap box. And now for the pictures...


A CSX maintenance train wrecks near White Sulfur
Springs, WV on the old C&O in the summer of 1995.
This looks like a good place for some more balast!

More coming soon...