Good Old Days

Here is a look at the high yard when the Baltimore-St. Louis line was still active and engines could still be found in B&O blue. The Sunburst Scheme on this GP30 is a reminder of the trailer trains that used to rumble past the B&O color position signals.


This track connects the high yard and the Balt-St.Louis line to the low yard and the Ohio River line. Engines were serviced here, next to the small engine house, and would stand waiting for work at the many plants in the area.

Safety First

The engine house sits empty and the turntable only used to turn the engines. Both are now gone.


A Chessie unit approaches the turntable for a spin, possibly for a return trip eastbound. The service area can be seen in the background.

Train Station

The former Amtrak station is on the west end of the yard. The B&O National Limited used to make it's stop here. You would often find private owned passenger cars parked here. A car restoration company is located a few miles away on the low yard.


Now units from all over CSX make this their home. A Seaboard engine is switching cars in the high yard for destinations across the river in Ohio. The mainline is now taken up and the signals removed.


The brick sidewalk is all that remains of the original Parkersburg train station. This train is bound for the power plant north of Marietta, OH. EPA restrictions forced the plant to bring in low sulfur coal, and forced CSX to make track improvements along the Belpre-Marietta line.

Market Street

Crossing Market Street this coal train is led by CSX and Chessie System engines. The last two digits didn't need changed when this engine became part of the CSX numbering system.


With the turntable now gone, the lead unit must travel backwards up the approach to the Ohio River bridge.


Three of the four spans across the Ohio River can be seen from the new highway bridge. Speed limit for the train is 10 mph.

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