A History of the Railroads of CSX

   This website is dedicated to the railroads that make up CSX, specifically those that still had engines in original paint at the time of the merger. Over the past ten years I have tried to photograph as many of them as possible, but through retirement and repainting finding survivors now is nearly impossible. Finding information about these railroads on the internet is also nearly impossible. Many historical societies do not even have a web page or if they do there are very few facts online. For those of you that have historical questions, want maps, need explanations about signs and signals, or just want to see pictures of your favorite railroad, this page is for you!

   This website will continue to be updated with railroad history, facts, and photos. Current projects include researching all of the listed railroads, locating scaled maps and simplified publicity maps, scanning historical logos and ads, listing engine rosters with photos of each type, and providing links to other online sources of railroad information.

   I hope you will find this site informative and entertaining. Feel free to write or send information or photos. This site is dedicated to all the railfans of the fallen flags of CSX.

All photos, except where indicated, are property of
Jay Phillips (csxhistory@vpgd.net) and copyright (c) 1999.