Pile up!

This pile up occured less than 100 yards from the train station in Charleston, WV in the summer of 1994, knocking both mains out for 4 days on the old C&O.

Shut Down!

One morning, as I passed the former C&O train station like I did every day, instead of a passing train I found a pile up.


I was one of the first on the scene. Cars were twisted around each other like soda cans and coal was dumped out into the street.


Both main lines were torn out, cars were every where, and signal poles were knocked over.


A failed bearing caused a wheel to overheat and melt the truck. The wheel fell off and slid along until the track came to a crossover where it caught and lifted the car off the track. Fourteen loaded cars quickly packed into each other.

Move Out!

CSX crews were quickly called out to remove the wrecked cars. The rest of the train was undamaged and pulled away.

Pick up!

Special cranes were brought in to pick up cars and carry them off to the side.

Carry Off!

After the cars were carried off, torches were brought in to cut them up.

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