A former Chessie unit leads a train North through Flomaton on it's way from Mobile to Montgomery, AL. The connection to Pensacola, FL is to the left behind the locomotive.


This container train bound for Pensacola is taking the lower leg of the whye. Many through trains can be seen passing this way.


This mixed unit train is heading West to New Orleans by way of Mobile, AL. CSX is returning some of the engines it borrowed from SP. A Northbound train stands waiting. The L&N style signal is soon to be replaced with the C&O style.

Who's Railroad is This?

Through trains from New Orleans, manned by CSX crews, go as far as Pensacola. It's sometimes difficult to tell just what railroad you're railfanning. Now with all the mergers there should be many more colors coming this way.

White Face

Using CSX trackage rights, this BN freight train in the white face paint scheme (soon to be replaced with BNSF colors) is on it's way from Pensacola to Memphis, by way of Flomaton and Atmore, AL. The upper northbound leg of the whye is visible in the background with C&O style signals already in place.

Up the Middle

On the North side of the yard is old coaling tower with both mains right below. This is a great place to shoot Southbounds. Just to the north is the former L&N Selma, AL line, now a private short line.

This way back to Atmore, AL.